One Moment In Dragon Age: The Veilguard Already Has Fans Shook

Image: BioWare
Image: BioWare

Dragon Age: The Veilguard got an official gameplay reveal that showed off 20 minutes of the upcoming RPG. Fans seem conflicted about the sequel’s action-oriented approach, but there is one moment from today’s presentation that united every Dragon Age lover. If you’re trying to go into the game spoiler-free when it launches in the fall, this is your warning to turn around and open up a different tab, but if you want to see what’s got some longtime fans already hurting, read on.

The beginning of The Veilguard finds new protagonist Rook working alongside Varric Tethras, a party member in Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition. The dwarf is a fan favorite for his cheeky banter, the stories he tells, and his devotion to Bianca, his crossbow he’s been carrying with him in every appearance since 2011. He’s got a personal relationship with Solas, the Inquisition party member who’s revealed to be a major antagonist at the end of that game. He wants to stop the elven mage’s world-ending plan and he hopes to do it by talking things out. But as Solas refuses to listen, Varric draws his crossbow…only for Solas to destroy it with a spell. Fans are not okay. The moment is around the 16:45 mark:

Scroll down to the comments on YouTube and you’ll find plenty of fans with a renewed drive to stop Solas’ plans, not just because they threaten the lives of everyone who isn’t an elf, but because Bianca’s destruction must be avenged.

“Mofo really betrayed me, stole my gear, took my hand, and now he’s killed Bianca?!!” writes @npc6254.

“Bold of them to put such an important character death in a teaser. RIP Bianca,” @fireandsun4476 commented.

“Ok now it’s Dragon Age : Revenge for Bianca,” @quemsereu2009 said.

“*Solas breaks Bianca*
Me: this time is very personal (knife emoji)” @pinkpearl1601 wrote.

To the average passerby, that probably sounds like a lot of hoopla for a crossbow. But Bianca, and Varric’s reverence for the weapon, have been a key part of the dwarf’s story over the years. Inquisition reveals the bow’s namesake and it’s a big moment for a character who tends to shroud his own history with a smokescreen of storytelling. He also doesn’t use other bows despite technically being an archer, and the only way to make him more powerful in that role is to find upgrades for Bianca in Inquisition. For Dragon Age fans, this is like if Cloud’s Buster Sword got snapped in half in the next Final Fantasy VII Remake game.

Will Bianca be salvaged? Is Varric going to be okay without his trusty weapon? What is Solas going to do now that Rook dropped a statue on him? Find out next time on Dragon Age: The Veilguard when it launches on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S this fall.

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