One leaked GTA 6 screenshot is the sole survival of a Rockstar copyright "nuke"

 GTA 5 screenshot
GTA 5 screenshot

A GTA 6 leaker just suffered the might of a Rockstar copyright claim, but the developer apparently forgot to take down one screenshot.

On September 9, the Twitter user below first posted leaked GTA 6 material, alleging that they’d secured a view of the game’s map. Rockstar then issued a copyright claim on the leaked image, taking it offline with immediate effect, but apparently forgot to take down the second image seen in the tweet just below.

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It’s a strange thing, and we’re not exactly sure how Rockstar ended up overlooking the leaked image. The only thing that possibly makes sense in this situation is if the screenshot itself actually isn’t from GTA 6 at all, but we’ve absolutely no way of verifying this. The fact that Rockstar has issued a copyright claim on the image points to the leaked material being legitimate, however.

It obviously goes without saying that this is very much an in-progress version of GTA 6. You can be sure that the buildings and other environments nearby won’t look blurry upon launch, and considering we don’t have a timeframe for the leaked images, they could have been taken from anywhere between three days and three years ago.

This is hardly the first time we’ve seen leaked material surrounding GTA 6. Last year, over 90 images and videos made their way online, purportedly showing various aspects of GTA 6, leading the CEO of Rockstar’s parent company to condemn the leaks as “terribly disappointing.” However, the figurehead reassured fans that development wouldn’t be impacted by the leaks.

Elsewhere, Take-Two continues to imply that GTA 6 could launch before March 2025. The end of the road might finally be in sight for GTA 6 fans around the world, and it’s been a long wait.

A veteran GTA and Red Dead writer departed Rockstar last month after more than 16 years at the studio.