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One Glourious Basterd: A Retrospective of Brad Pitt's Hair

Sometimes, I think of other men's hair. I wouldn't say it's in a sexual way. Not in a jealous way either. I have gorgeous hair—hair that emerges and falls from my scalp like the plume of smoke coming off a Roman candle on the Fourth of July. That fact alone allows me to see the men around me and appreciate their follicle game. To see them for the beauties they are. There may be no better, more consistent role model than Brad Pitt, though. What I've come to respect about Brad Pitt over the years is that while the man is, indeed, an incredible actor, he also has a firm understanding that a chiseled face and a mane worthy of a lion god have cemented him as a Hollywood icon. You like him in Troy, but you loved the way his hair blew in the wind. Don't let fragile masculinity get in the way of hardened fact.

In this complex time where you may not have had a decent haircut in, say, three months, let's take time to honor and celebrate and uplift a man who has always had an established grip on haircare. (Well, at least until the Fight Club years; we all have our demons.) Let us exalt him, and the 30-plus years he has given us of excellent hair. Let us embark on this journey, together.

One Glourious Basterd: A Retrospective of Brad Pitt's Hair

Even on his off days, Brad Pitt's hair journey is one to be admired, emulated, and revered.

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