How one farmer is fighting water scarcity

STORY: This Palestinian strawberry farmer

has found a new way to water his crops

Location: Jenin, West Bank

(Shadi Atatrah, Farmer)

"This is the excess water from irrigation returning back to the pond from the greenhouse. After watering the plants, it returns to the pond. We draw it out of the pond again and we water the plants with it in the next round."

He's using a method called aquaponics

which recycles water into fish tanks

but with his own twist

He's using coal as an alternative to soil

Atatrah claims coal is not only cheaper,

it can also prevent fungal diseases

(Samer Farah, Agricultural Engineer)

"The results, as you can see, are distinctive and excellent, the sweetness of the fruits that were planted with coal is very noticeable and it is sweeter than other fruits planted in other greenhouses."