One Direction Fans Ask Harry Styles and Liam Payne to Wear a Mask After They're Spotted Without Them

Tamara Fuentes
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Photo credit: Kevin Winter - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevin Winter - Getty Images

From Seventeen

Former One Director bandmates Harry Styles and Liam Payne are being called out for not properly wearing masks and being safe while out and about during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fans originally went after Harry on January 6 after photos of him walking around with a bandana, which is not recommended to help prevent COVID-19, surfaced. The hashtag #HARRYWEARAMASK immediately started trending, with fans also sharing photos of him previously wearing regular masks to remind him that he's been safe in the past.

Along with calling out the fact that he was wearing a bandana, Harry was also seen without it on while talking with several friends, even in close proximity.

A day later, on January 7, #LIAMWEARAMASK also started to trend after fans pointed out that he has had several encounters and photos taken of him where he was not wearing a mask, including taking selfies with fans.

Harry and Liam still haven't commented on the recent trending topics, although, some followers have pointed out the importance of calling even your favorite artists out for putting themselves and others in danger.

"It’s okay to call your favourite celebrities out. They’re people too. They make mistakes, and they learn from them. Pointing out these mistakes doesn’t make you any less of a fan, just remember that :)" one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another fan pointed at the recent increases of COVID cases in Los Angeles, where Harry is currently at.

Hopefully, they get the message and wear their masks next time.

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