One Dead, Two Injured, in Plane Crash Near Homes in Long Island

One person was killed and two others were critically injured when a small plane crashed near a residential street in Lindenhurst, Long Island, on Sunday, March 5.

Local news, citing the Suffolk County Police Department, reported that air traffic controllers at nearby Republic Airport received a call about smoke in the cockpit of a privately owned plane at approximately 3 pm on Sunday.

The plane was on its final approach back to the airport when it crashed, according to local news.

This footage from Chris Baldassano shows black smoke coming from the crash site off Wellwood Avenue.

According to News 12 Long Island, the two survivors of the crash were transported to Stony Brook University Hospital and were in critical condition. Credit: Chris Baldassano via Storyful

Video transcript


- This is insane.

- That freaked me out, right when-- I don't think I saw a plane--

- I was freaking vacuuming when I heard it.

CHRIS BALDASSANO: Just thank God that the pilot did what he could to not hit a house. I mean, I don't know why he crashed short, but--

- Plane crash. There's nobody home there.

CHRIS BALDASSANO: And this is not-- one crashed into the cemetery, like, two months ago, right down Wellwood. It crashed into the Mount Ararat Cemetery over there.

- I think the guy survived over there.

- You think so?

- Yeah, yeah.

CHRIS BALDASSANO: He was standing there. Yeah, yeah.

- [INAUDIBLE] yeah.


- Wonder how he would survive that.

- I know.

CHRIS BALDASSANO: This is insane. Just to know, there's our house over there, and that's where the plane crashed over there. Here's the trees he hit.

- You guys want to just start heading back that way? Yeah, thank you.

- Wow. Look at--