One of the coolest action RPGs of 2021 is finally coming to PC, and Devil May Cry fans should watch closely

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 Punishing Gray Raven
Punishing Gray Raven

Free-to-play gacha action-RPG Punishing Gray Raven is getting an official PC client next Monday, May 15, finally bringing one of the flashiest games of 2021 to a non-mobile platform where it can really shine.

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From the day it launched, Punishing Gray Raven has been one of those mobile games that makes you go, "How is this a mobile game?" It's a third-person action banger with the style and speed to hang with the best of 'em, and while it's technically been playable on PC via emulators for a while, it'll be nice to have an official client. Accounts and progress from the mobile version will hopefully carry over, but I suspect the PC version will be the starting point for players who don't really care for mobile games but may want to see what PGR is all about, especially when it's free (it's me, I'm players).

This is also one of those games where it's better to just see it in action, so let me point you to these boss fight highlights from YouTuber Blanc.

I'll be honest, I don't fully understand what's happening on-screen here. All I know is that I'll try anything with a perfect-dodge and parry, these bosses have 100 health bars, this katana-wielding girl can summon a motorcycle, and Devil May Cry 5's heavily-memed track Bury The Light is a perfect fit. That said, it's almost a disservice to PGR's excellent, trance-filled soundtrack to set these fights to anything else. I'm especially fond of the Lamia theme, which you can hear in another PGR showcase from famous GIF maker SunhiLegend.

Punishing Gray Raven has understandably drawn comparisons to similar mobile games like Honkai Impact 3rd, a predecessor of sorts to the new turn-based hit Honkai Star Rail, as well as mainstream action icons like Devil May Cry and Nier. (Fun fact: Nier characters 2B, 9S, and A2 are actually in the game thanks to a crossover event.) It's earned solid ratings on app stores, so it'll be interesting to see how it fares with the PC crowd.

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