How one cheap part could kill off combustion cars

STORY: The lack of one cheap component could spell doom for combustion-engined cars

Wire harnesses have been in short supply since conflict begin in Ukraine, where many are made

They’re critical devices that bundle together all the wiring in a car

There can be 3 miles of cable in one vehicle, and making the harnesses is a labor-intensive job

Production in Mexico, Morocco and elsewhere has helped fill the gap, but not enough to stop shortages

With bans on gasoline-engined vehicles looming, experts say makers won't spend to develop an alternative for them

QUOTE: Sam Fiorani, AutoForecast Solutions:

“This is just one more rationale for the industry to make the transition to electric quicker”.

Tesla does things differently, and can automate production of its harnesses

Rival automakers want to do the same, but maybe for future EVs, not today’s gas guzzlers

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