How one camper is preparing for Kyiv's harsh winter

STORY: Olena Bastun sets up a tent on the floor of her Kyiv apartment.

It's a far cry from the worldly spots she once camped in.

But she's using her skills to prepare for the tough months ahead.

"This is a question of survival, simply survival. It is not a pleasure. Pleasure to me would mean travelling to the United States, or to Turkey, and being at the coast."

Bastun is a camping enthusiast - and she's travelled to 117 countries around the world.

She says sleeping in Norway and Iceland in sub-zero temperatures have prepared her for possible outages.

Russian air strikes have targeted power grids and water infrastructure in and near Kyiv in recent weeks.

Power cuts are being planned to avoid overloading the system and allow infrastructure to be repaired.

Bastun is preparing for every scenario.

She has a solar panel continuously charged - and her portable refrigerator is stocked with emergency rations.

Many of the items come from her son, who has served as a medic in the Ukrainian military since 2014.

His safety is her main concern.

"When he comes back, I'll be relieved. Everything else doesn't matter. When he’s here in Kyiv, I'll breathe, I'll start to breathe. While he's not here, I dedicate all my time to camping."

Widespread power, water and heating outages are a real possibility throughout Ukraine’s harsh winter.

Kyiv’s mayor warned his residents over the weekend to make emergency plans, and consider living with friends or relatives outside of the capital.