As one-year anniversary event kicks off at Bukit Jalil, youths give Madani govt an A for effort

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 8 — The first day of the Madani Government One-Year Anniversary Programme kicked off today with hundreds of visitors filling the compound of Bukit Jalil National Stadium as early as 9am.

The three-day programme, which runs from December 8 to 10, will highlight the new policies and initiatives introduced by the Anwar administration since taking over Putrajaya on November 24 last year.

Srividhyaa Subramaniam, 17, for example, applauded the unity government for the positive strides made under the leadership of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The student from Polytechnic Sultan Salahuddin Abdulaziz Shah said that the current government is doing better than its predecessor as it has helped many students in the country.

“I am satisfied with the current government because, as a student, they have helped us a lot compared to the previous government,” Srividhyaa said when approached at the event here, today.

She also expressed surprise at the event’s diverse turnout, with attendees not only from the surrounding Klang Valley, but also other states.

As for Aisyah Akmalhisham, 21, she found the event enlightening as it offered an insight into the workings of various ministries, some of which were previously unknown to her.

“Today, I discovered that we have a Rural and Regional Development Ministry. I did not know of its existence before. Thanks to the programme I am now aware of it.

Asked about the performance of the unity government after a year, she briefly said it is doing “okay”.

She also said that she hopes there will be more support for students in terms of enhanced facilities at universities.

“I think so far the Madani government is doing okay but I wish they can help students more in terms of providing more facilities at the universities,” she said.

Adlina Huda Zulkhairi, a 22-year-old student from UiTM Shah Alam, said the Capsule Madani initiative helped to bridge the awareness gap among students about the government itself.

She said she now knows more about the unity government through the programme.

After visiting a jobseekers’ booth, she said the programme had helped to change her perception of government jobs.

“People often have certain ideas about government jobs. It is great that they are shedding light on this so that people know that it is nothing like what they thought,” she said.

Meanwhile, Maria Madelina Anak Kiri, 21, also shared her experience at the programme, lauding the information provided on emergency preparedness and mental health.

She said the government is doing well in addressing the mental health stigma and providing information through this programme.

“We received a lot of information through the programme today, including on emergency procedures, mental health awareness, and efforts to combat the stigma around mental health issues.

“The booths also showcased the activities that they have conducted over the past year,” she said.

From a student perspective, Maria said she views the government in a positive way, as the prime minister’s active schedule reflects ongoing efforts to build trust with the people.

Based on observations on the ground, many people were seen lining up at the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) booth to renew their driving licence.

The programme also includes attractions like a counter with up to 50 per cent off traffic summonses by the Royal Malaysia Police, registration for Rahmah Cash Assistance, “Cuti-cuti Cikgu” holiday programme, free breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings, and an anti-sexual harassment campaign.

There is also a Madani Mega Sale with 226 participants, including entrepreneurs, supermarkets, and agencies who are offering a 30 per cent discount on their goods and products.