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I walked over 30K steps in one weekend wearing these sneakers (and they're on sale)

If you've managed to avoid the siren song of On's cool geometric soles, you're missing out on arguably the most versatile — and one of the comfiest — sneakers on the market. The Cloudswift is one of the brand's most popular styles, and it's perfect regardless of what your plans are — exploring a new city, running errands, jogging around the neighborhood, or just any time you don't want to have to choose between looking cool and just being comfortable.

Sure, they might be on sale for Labor Day, but these sneakers will make your feet feel like they're on vacation.

$120 at Zappos

The Cloudswift sneakers rarely go on sale, and when they do, they go fast. Additionally, it's even rarer to see some of the more neutral colorways marked down, so if you're eyeing the classic black and white pair or the stunning all-white, you better move quick.

Purely aesthetically, these sneakers look unlike any other pair of kicks you might already own. The funky midsole is sure to turn heads. They're more than just pretty to look at, though: They help provide stability with each step, plus the breathable and stretchy mesh upper keeps your feet from getting overheated or uncomfortably sweaty. Another bonus: They easily slip on and off and are designed to feel just like your favorite socks (if your favorite socks had a cushy sole). You don't have to worry about that awesome midsole warping in the heat or cold, or even sagging under your weight; it's lightweight, bouncy and temperature-resistant.

On Running sneakers on a green background
Score these cult favorite sneakers on sale. (Photo: Zappos)

The Cloudswift's have amassed quite the fan club — even among first-time wearers! Shares one:

"First On Running purchase! I am obsessed! I do a lot of walking (dog walker) and these were exactly what I was looking for. I have a wide foot and feared the other styles would be too narrow for me. These were absolutely perfect!"

A medical professional agreed: "Wicked comfy!! On-Running is my new favorite brand for sneaks. I specifically purchased these for work. I’m an RN in a very busy OR and I work 10 hour shifts. These held up like a champ!"

Some reviewers even prefer them to Brooks and Hoka! Shares one: "I was skeptical when I first put them on my feet... I’m a fan of Hoka Ones and Brooks but have been having ankle, knee, and back pain like crazy during my 10 hour shifts... I put these on and at first was a little turned off by the lack of cushion, but after my first shift in these shoes my opinion changed. I have not had even the slightest throbbing sensations in my knees like I usually would 4 hours in. No swelling when shift is over. These shoes are the ONES!"

Careful if you're wearing these on uneven ground, though. One shopper shared: "I bought these for my daughter because I find my own pair is so comfortable. She is really happy with them for running... The only downside is that pebbles get caught in the soles if you are on gravel."

These were the only sneakers I packed for a recent long weekend trip to Philly, and they were the only shoes I wore the entire three days there. Over 30,000 steps later, I can see why these have the incredible fan base they do — they were so comfortable, I honestly forgot I was wearing shoes at all. I have plantar fasciitis and get uncomfortable when I have to stand for an extended period of time, and these made all the waiting in lines to get crab fries and cheesesteaks way more bearable. I didn't even wear my special insole inserts! I bought mine for the full price, though I just might grab another color now that they're on sale.

The tube-like midsole does more than just look cool — it's super flexible, plus provides plenty of cushioning. I have no idea what walking on clouds feels like, but I'd imagine it would be pretty close to this.

$140 at Zappos

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