Omicron: French hospital creaks under staff shortages

Emergency ward doctor Abigael Debit is increasingly spending her time finding beds for COVID-19 patients, either in her own public-private clinic outside Paris or in nearby hospitals, as Omicron rips through France.

Medical personnel are fatigued and there are staff shortages, the result of resignations and an increase in doctors and nurses contracting the virus and going on sick leave.

Meanwhile fast-filling wards are prompting patient transfers and the delay of non-emergency procedures.

"We have fewer beds in our intensive care ward, and fewer beds in our COVID ward compared with the first wave," Debit said between patient checks at the Saint Camille hospital in Bry-sur-Marne near Paris, where she works.

Her unit receives emergency patients who will require in-patient care. COVID-19 patients occupy 10 of the 13 beds she manages. Her hospital's 29-bed COVID ward is full.

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