Omega Esports coach Otit: 'We want to challenge Alter Ego for the crown' at M2

Kurt Lozano
·Esports Content Producer
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Filipino team Omega Esports are aiming to become champions at the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) M2 World Championship, just like the rest of the 12 teams competing in the tournament.

But according to team coach Anthony Dennis “Otit” Senedrin, they have one other goal in mind: defeating Indonesian team Alter Ego, the team many are favouring to win M2.

“This is a chance for us to show that we can compete with the best of the best in Mobile Legends. We want to challenge Alter Ego for the crown of being the best,” Otit said in an interview with Yahoo Esports SEA.

Should that matchup with Alter Ego end up happening, Otit believes Omega Esports are more than ready to rise up to the challenge. On a 1 to 10 scale, the coach rated his team’s current form as somewhere between 8 to 9, and he expects them to rise to their full potential as they progress through the tournament.

“We consider ourselves a strong team already, though we think there is still a lot of room for improvement and this experience on an international stage would really be a huge boost for us,” Otit said.

Of course, Omega Esports are not the only team in M2 gunning to take down Alter Ego. But the Philippine representatives in the tournament, Omega Esports and their rivals Bren Esports, have more reasons to take down Alter Ego.

Many consider the Philippines to be the strongest country in Mobile Legends, thanks to the success of squads like Omega Esports and Bren Esports. However, that prestige took a huge hit during the ONE Esports MPLI at the end of last year.

Despite the fact that there were six Filipino teams in the ONE Esports MPLI, only one, Bren Esports, made it to the top four — and that was mainly because they were directly seeded to the semifinals as the champions of MPL PH.

All other Filipino squads fell in the prior rounds, with Omega Esports notably falling to Indonesian team Genflix Aerowolf in a huge upset in the first round.

In the end, Alter Ego swept Bren Esports, 3-0 in the grand finals to claim the championship at the ONE Esports MPLI. With that, Indonesia claimed the right to be called the strongest country in Mobile Legends away from the Philippines, something which both Omega Esports and Bren Esports have the chance to reclaim for their homeland at M2.

“There are actually a lot of Filipino teams who can compete internationally as well, we really believe that there are a lot of talented teams in our country. It’s just a matter of overcoming all the pressure big events can give you.”

Otit believes Omega Esports can overcome such pressures not just because of his team’s formidable talent, but because of the chemistry and camaraderie they have built over the course of multiple seasons competing in MPL PH and other international events.

“The bond that the players have in our team is really one of our strengths. We respect each individual as if we are a family already. This was showcased in our run throughout MPL Season 6, unfortunately we just came up short in MPLI,” said Otit.

Omega Esports’ M2 campaign will begin in Group B, where they will be taking on MPL MY/SG champions Todak and Cambodian team Impunity KH. They are expected to come out of the group and proceed to the main event, though they will certainly be preparing like nothing is assured.

“We are confident that we can come up on top of our group. We focused on the technical side of the game since there is a new patch going into M2, aside from that we made sure that the camaraderie is as strong as ever for the team,” said Otit.

For Omega Esports’ coach, what will give his team the edge over Todak, Impunity KH, and any other team in M2 — including Alter Ego — is their attention to detail when it comes to their preparation for matches.

“It’s just constant training and research on the game. We make sure that we know our opponents so that we can prepare completely against them,” said Otit.

The M2 World Championship will begin in Singapore on 18 January and will run until 24 January, behind closed doors due to COVID-19.

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