An Olympics sponsor calls for its cancellation

An official partner of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics called for the Summer Games to be cancelled in an editorial on Wednesday.

Japan’s Asahi Daily, one of Japan’s most prestigious newspapers, published a piece calling on Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to “calmly and objectively assess the situation and decide on the cancellation of the event this summer.”

They further cited the Games’ risk to public safety and potential strains on the medical system.

The editorial was widely shared on Japanese social media and garnered more than 30,000 tweets by late Wednesday morning.

Several polls have shown that the majority of Japanese people are opposed to holding the event, which draws in tens of thousands of athletes, officials and spectators.

Doctors’ associations have already protested holding the Games, along with some business investors.

Other media sponsors have yet to chime in.

Much of Japan, including host city Tokyo, remains under a third state of emergency that is widely expected to be extended beyond this month.

Although Japan has been spared the ravages of overseas nations, it has struggled to control a fourth wave of infections.

The U.S. earlier this week issued an advisory against travel to Japan, but still stood by the decision to hold the Games as planned.

Just over 5% of the population has received vaccinations.