Olivia Rodrigo reacts to fan who got botched tattoo of a line from her song: 'This is the new lyric'

You butter believe it!

Olivia Rodrigo is so obsessed with a fan’s tattoo that recently went viral — but mostly because it contained a pretty major typo. 

Last month, Grace Flemming posted a TikTok warning fellow users to “ALWAYS double-check the spelling before you get a tattoo” before showing off her misspelled piece, which featured lyrics from Rodrigo’s song “Hope Ur Ok.”

The original line of the track is “address the letters to the holes in my butterfly wings,” but Flemming ended up with “address the letters to the holes in my butter wings.”

She captioned the video, “Olivia pls change the lyrics officially or sumn to make me feel better.”

And, well, it seems Rodrigo is down to make the change. The singer-songwriter commented on Flemming's post, writing, “HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG THIS IS THE NEW LYRIC IM CHANGING IT TO BUTTERWINGS.”

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<p>Neilson Barnard/Getty; Courtesy of Grace Flemming</p> Olivia Rodrigo; her fan Grace Flemming's botched tattoo

Neilson Barnard/Getty; Courtesy of Grace Flemming

Olivia Rodrigo; her fan Grace Flemming's botched tattoo

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After Rodrigo posted her comment, Flemming told Today that she’s not sure if she’ll accept the tattoo artist’s offer to fix the error.

“Not changing it definitely makes it more unique and special,” she said. “I kind of want to keep it but also want to get the right lyrics. Maybe I’ll keep this one and get the right lyrics somewhere else.”

Flemming, who is a longtime Rodrigo fan, said the original lyric holds a very special place in her heart. “Everybody already has their own wounds or holes,” she explained. “So I take the [line] 'Address the letters to the holes of my butterfly wings' [to say] if somebody’s gonna say something mean, they can say it to me. But it’s just gonna go through me. It’s gonna go through that hole.”

She also noted that it was her boyfriend who first spotted the typo and notified her over text message. "The little bubbles were typing for so long. And I was like, ‘What is he going to say? Does he think it looks bad? What is it?'" she recalled, only for him to ask, “Did you take out the 'fly?'"

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A stunned Flemming said she just “stared at his text” in response, thinking, “There is no way.”

These days, she said she sometimes gets "a little angry about it," but she also thinks "it's so funny."

She added, “It’s kind of become such a big thing where I’m kind of like, ‘Oh, this is a really good mistake.’”

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