Oldest video of New Orleans showcases Mardi Gras fun

STORY: This is the oldest-known video

of New Orleans and Mardi Gras

The film was found at the Eye

Filmmuseum in Amsterdam

One historian says it shows Mardi Gras

through the 20th century


“You didn't go to Canal Street unless you were dressed up. So, you see this early on, and I'm sure that this was early on in the culture, in New Orleans, culture among all people. But here on Mardi Gras day, the people were dressed very well to come out to, to watch the parade.”

The footage shows how customs have changed

And that the tradition of

throwing beads came later

It also displays the socioeconomic

structure at the time

“All of these people who put this together, who made the floats, the, the African descended people who are there guiding horses. You'll see that they are dressed probably according to their lower socioeconomic standing and the people who are walking. The float riders are the powerful, the bands in the back there, some level down.”

The video is part of an exhibit marking

the 150th anniversary of the Rex Organization