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Your Old VHS Tapes Could Make You a Lot of Money

As we enter a new decade, it might be in our best interest to revisit the past. Why? There are a few things from your childhood worth cashing in on. Though it's always good to organize, de-clutter, and get rid of stuff you don’t need, there's sometimes value in holding on to old items—and mom and dad's house is the perfect spot to find hidden treasures.

Can’t remember the last time you rummaged through your parents’ attic? This list will show you exactly what to look for. From first-edition novels to Cabbage Patch Kids and signed yearbooks, there are tons of items you grew up with that may sell for a small fortune today. The patchwork quilt that lines the foot of your old bed could even be worth thousands. Have a hoarder at home? Their magazine collections might help pay for your next family vacation. And while some things are more predictable—jewelry, vinyl records, and china—others are not. Take rotary phones, for instance. Or family board games. You can even sell Crayola crayons for cash. Trust us: You'll never look at that vintage cookie jar the same way again!