Old Cars Launched Off Cliff in Alaska Town's Unusual July Fourth Tradition

Cars plummeted down a 300-foot cliff in Glacier View, Alaska, this Fourth of July, in the town’s annual, and unusual, celebration of the holiday.

These dramatic scenes of destruction, captured this year in drone footage, are a town tradition.

According to a local news report, all kinds of vehicles, from limousines to boats, are launched off the cliff to the delight of the crowd below.

Video here was taken by Michael Jason Ahrns. In it, an announcer is heard counting down before the cars plunge off the cliff.

“The cars are connected to a rail system to guide them to the edge (though they sometimes jump off the rail), then rigged to accelerate on their own,” Ahrns said.

His video shows one vehicle go awry, and crash in flames on the cliff face. Credit: Michael Jason Ahrns via Storyful

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