Oklahoma Family Creates Backyard Skating Rink as Temperatures Drop in Tulsa

A Tulsa resident turned her backyard into an ice skating rink as a cold weather system rolled across Oklahoma on February 16.

Katie Fox and her family used their garden hose to transform their sunken patio into a rink as temperatures fell below zero. Fox said the weather prompted her to get back in touch with her Minnesota roots.

“When Mother Nature gives you sub-zero weather in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you must make a backyard ice skating rink,” she told Storyful.

Fox posted a video to her Facebook page that her husband recorded of her skating around in circles with her arms in the air, enjoying their new backyard creation.

A winter storm warning is in place for the area until 6 pm on February 17, and residents are instructed to use caution when traveling as roads remain hazardous. Credit: Katie Fox via Storyful