Oklahoma Capitol Rotunda Filled With Cheers as Clemency Granted for Julius Jones

Applause echoed through the Oklahoma capitol rotunda following the governor’s announcement to commute Julius Jones’s death sentence to life without the possibility of parole, just hours before his scheduled execution, on Thursday, November 18.

Oklahoma State Representative Jacob Rosecrants posted this video capturing the cheers from inside the state capitol rotunda on Thursday after the news broke.

Protesters had gathered at the state capitol building and the governor’s mansion overnight demanding that Oklahoma Gov Kevin Stitt commute Jones’s sentence.

The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board, citing doubts about Jones’s guilt, had voted 3-1 to ask Stitt to commute his death sentence to life imprisonment. Jones had been placed on death row after he was convicted for the murder of businessman Paul Howell in 1999.

Jones’s sentence is now life without the possibility of parole, Stitt said in a tweet. Credit: Jacob Rosecrants via Storyful

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