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When 71,000+ shoppers rave about a $10 hand cream, you know it's worth checking out

With cooler weather creeping in, it's smart to stock up on moisturizing creams before thirsty skin season arrives — and there's a popular gem hidden in Amazon’s beauty section that promises to get rid of perpetually dry, cracked hands. With over 71,000 perfect ratings, O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream is the salve everyone is buying. At just $10, it's an affordable and effective solution.

Ready for softer, smoother mitts?

$9 at Amazon

The concentrated cream doesn't only help cold weather skin; it heals and repairs extreme dryness that comes with various conditions or manual jobs at any time of the year. Made with glycerin and paraffin, it works by drawing in hydration and creating a protective barrier that seals the skin from further moisture loss.

“I love this stuff! I am a fireman and constantly wash my hands,” raved a reviewer. “Especially in the winter the skin around my nail beds and fingertips will crack and bleed. It is really painful and gross! This stuff is a miracle worker. It feels waxy like it's locking in the moisture. I put it on at night and can still tell it's on in the morning. I am a regular buyer/user of this now, and couldn't be happier!”

Some reviewers said Working Hands helped with relief from skin conditions such as chronic eczema and psoriasis. Many also added that a little bit of this product goes a long way — just apply a small dab on clean hands as needed throughout the day.

"This is, by far, the best hand cream I have ever used," says a five-star reviewer with psoriasis. "My hands are extremely dry. In fact, they have become shriveled up so much that it looks like I have soaked in the tub too long. After the first use, the wrinkles eased, although they have not disappeared. There is almost immediate relief. It is the only truly effective product that helps me live with psoriasis of the hands. Without this cream, I have to wear fingerless gloves just to sweep the kitchen floor because my skin splits and develops brush burns very easily."

“I have spent 10 years in the military and the last seven working in the oil and gas industry. I work with my hands a lot! For approximately 17 years I have dealt with dry and cracked cuticles and rough knuckles,” explained a happy customer. “I have tried many other lotions and creams which left my hands feeling greasy and then dry again in five minutes. With O'Keeffe's in less than one week, my hands are doing much better. My hands never feel greasy afterward and remain moisturized all day.”

someone holding a tub of the o'keefe's hand cream
Just a dab of this top-rated hand cream will do ya! (Amazon)

Reviews from real working hands

Happy customers who give it five stars are those with real “working hands” and include everyone from workers in the construction industry to the healthcare fields.

Construction industry: “Having been in the construction business for 42 years, I have tried many hand treatments with minimal success over many years. For the past 12 years, I used a product that did a great job at both moisturizing and healing, however, the cream did not allow me to use tools after applying due to leaving my hands with that greasy coating for about 10 to 12 minutes. Then came O'Keeffe's. It was on the counter of a local lumber dealer, who had nothing but positive comments about his and others' personal experiences. Hesitantly, I tried it. It did all that my previous lotion did, without that initial newly coated greasy feel within a minute or two. It contains a small amount of paraffin which adds to its longevity and ability to retain my body's natural moisture. So, to sum up: This is the product to heal split areas on my hands, and also to prevent my cuticles from drying out and cracking.”

Service Industry: “Best product for service industry employees such as myself who frequently do dishes, handle food and come into contact with toxic chemicals as cleaning agents used in most public venues! O’Keeffe's Working Hands is something I simply will never go without because having cut-free hands is priceless. I've experienced my hands full of deep cuts and it's no fun!”

Mechanic industry: “I have tried a multitude of hand lotions. Most were greasy and not very helpful for healing painful cracks. This product is the best I have tried. I use it once a day at bedtime. It absorbs quickly and has very little odor. The cracks on my fingers have healed nicely during the first week of use and no more cracks have appeared. I am a mechanic and work with my hands all day, often on dirty equipment which requires frequent hand washing with harsh soaps which tend to dry my skin. This product restores the soft feeling of comfortable hands.”

Health care industry: “I'm an RN and have been on a very drying medication all winter. The combination of cold, dry weather, irritating medication and constant hand washing/sanitizing was doing a number on the skin of my hands. Halfway through every shift I was breaking out in rashes on my hands, and my knuckles were cracked and bleeding. This is the ONLY nonprescription lotion that has helped, and it is keeping my hands in a much more comfortable condition. But what I really, really love is that it has virtually no odor (so it's hospital fragrance-policy friendly), and it sinks into skin extremely quickly, so it doesn't leave you feeling greasy or sticky (a lifesaver when you need to put on gloves two minutes later!). Add to that, it's totally affordable and lasts a long time and you've got a five-star product for sure. I can't recommend this product highly enough!”

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