Ohio State Senator Uses Virtual Background as He Drives During Video Meeting

An Ohio state senator dismissed concerns he might have been distracted after he attended a video meeting using a virtual background while driving on May 3.

Andrew Brenner attended the meeting of Ohio’s Controlling Board committee while in his car, but used a virtual background showing an interior setting. For some parts of the video call, he could be seen in his car. At all times, his seatbelt could be seen.

Brenner told the Columbus Dispatch that he had been paying attention to his driving.

“I wasn’t distracted,” Brenner was quoted as saying. “I was paying attention to the driving and listening to [the meeting].”

He said he had two back-to-back meetings in separate locations and that, “I’ve actually been on other calls, numerous calls, while driving. Phone calls for the most part but on video calls, I’m not paying attention to the video. To me, it’s like a phone call.”

According to the Dispatch, a bill introduced on May 3 would ban texting, viewing videos, or livestreaming while driving. Credit: Ohio Controlling Board via Storyful

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