Ohio Police Dog Demonstrates Correct Way to Wear a Face Mask

A police dog in Wooster, Ohio, demonstrated how to correctly wear a face mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus in a video shared on July 14.

In the video, Lucky, a K9 officer with Wooster Police Department in Wayne County, Ohio, displays several incorrect ways of wearing a mask, including hanging from its ear and wrapped round its nose. It finally demonstrates the correct way, covering its mouth and nose.

Ohio Gov Mike DeWine on Tuesday, July 7, ordered the mandatory use of face masks in the state’s seven counties hardest hit by coronavirus. Residents of Huron, Cuyahoga, Franklin, Trumbull, Hamilton, Butler, and Montgomery counties must wear facial coverings when in public indoor locations such as bars, restaurants, and shops, outdoors when unable to maintain social distancing, and on public and shared transit, according to reports.

As of July 8, Wayne County was on “Level 2” alert, meaning there is increased spread of COVID-19 there, but not severe, local media reported. Credit: Wooster Police Department via Storyful