Oh, Hey, Halo Infinite Works On PCs With Nvidia Graphics Cards Again

Screenshot: 343 Industries / Claire Jackson / Kotaku
Screenshot: 343 Industries / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

It ain’t perfect, but damn do I love Halo Infinite. So naturally, I wasn’t all too thrilled when it suddenly kept crashing before it even reached the main menu and nothing seemed to fix it. Verifying the game’s file integrity, reinstalling it, restarting Windows, casting spells and rituals in the forest. Nothing! Turns out, the problem for me and many other players was that we were using Nvidia driver 555.99.

Released on June 4, 2024, Nvidia Game Ready and Studio Driver 555.99 caused quite a bit of havoc for many fans of Halo Infinite as it rendered the game unplayable for most who had an Nvidia card and were timely with their driver updates. The workaround, of course, was to roll back to driver version 555.85. Halo developer 343 Industries acknowledged the issue early on. It released a statement via the official Halo Support X account stating that it was working with Nvidia to be sure the issue wouldn’t persist into the next driver update. Thankfully, driver version 556.12 was released on June 27 and lets Halo Infinite launch and run without issue.

How to update your Nvidia driver to play Halo Infinite

Odds are if you found your way to Nvidia driver 555.99, you probably know how to update your system to the latest version to get back into some Halo. If not, you can download the driver via Nvidia’s GeForce Experience app (which is how I prefer to manage my drivers), or by downloading the driver directly from Nvidia’s website. The latter is a handy way to locate past drivers should you run into any other issues.

While rolling back to the previous driver was the solution to playing Halo Infinite on a PC with an Nvidia card, it’s usually preferable to keep your machine’s drivers as up-to-date as possible. But now that 556.12 fixed the Halo issue, I have a can of Monster energy, an aggressively frantic metal playlist, and endless rounds of Husky Raid with my name on them.

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