‘Oh heck’: Ted Lasso star Nick Mohammed reacts to season three premiere moment that derailed expectations

Hammer time: Nick Mohammed in ‘Ted Lasso' (Apple TV+)

Nick Mohammed has opened up about the moment from Ted Lasso’s season three premiere that reversed his expectations for the new season.

In the Apple TV+ footballing sitcom, Mohammed plays Nate Shelley, the former kitman at Richmond FC, who, at the end of season two, becomes the series’ antagonist, and manager of West Ham.

Some fans had expected Nate to undergo a redemption arc in the new season, which began on Wednesday (15 March) on the streaming service.

Writing on social media, Mohammed admitted that he had been “desperate” to know about a potential redemption arc – only to be left stunned by one scene from the premiere.

“I distinctly remember receiving the first episode of season three desperate to know if the writers were going to lay the foundation for Nate’s possible redemption,” he wrote.

“Then I got to this scene and thought: ‘oh heck!’”

In the clip, Nate can be seen hosting a press conference. After a member of the media asks him whether his rapid managerial rise felt “overwhelming”, the character responded: “Not for me, no, because I own this job. What’s overwhelming is the confusion I feel when someone so intelligent-looking asks such a stupid question.”

While it remains to be seen whether Nate will return to being the mild-mannered, affable personality he was back in season one, the signs aren’t good.

Reviewing the Ted Lasso season premiere for The Independent, Amanda Whiting wrote: “What started off as a fish-out-of-water sitcom has slyly evolved into something more compelling.

“Are there too many storylines? Probably. But if you’re still watching Ted Lasso in season three, you likely have too much affection for its lovable band of misfits to want anyone cut from the squad.”

The season premiere is available to stream now on Apple TV+, along with the first two seasons in their entirety.