It’s official: Windows 10 will no longer get feature updates from Microsoft

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, April 29 ― Ever since Microsoft announced Windows 11, the popular Windows 10 operating system was always going to count down to its own sunsetting. Microsoft has always maintained that you can use Windows 10 with no issue until October 14, 2025, which is when Microsoft will officially stop supporting Windows 10.

However, if you were hoping to get a couple of new shiny features that your Windows 11 colleagues have been enjoying, then unfortunately you’re out of luck. Microsoft has now officially stated that there will no longer be any future feature updates for the last generation operating system, with the current version Windows 10 22H2 set to be the final version of the beloved OS. Redmond will now only support it in the form of monthly security update patches.

If you’re not on Windows 10 22H2, then you’ll want to quickly upgrade to version 22H2 if you want to remain on Windows 10. The second last version of Windows 10, version 21H2, will no longer be supported on June 13, 2023, with the one before that, 21H1, already no longer supported by Microsoft.

It’s just the latest chapter of the end for Windows 10, with Microsoft having already stopped the sale of Windows 10 licences on their website. Indeed, Windows 11 is almost two years old by now, but still lags behind Windows 10 in market share at the moment, with roughly two thirds of users still on the older operating system. What likely isn’t helping Microsoft though is its strict hardware requirements to run Windows 11 in the first place, meaning when 2025 comes about you might need a new computer altogether to run Windows 11. ― SoyaCincau