It's Official: Steve Kornacki Has Been Elected America's 'Map Daddy'

Savannah Walsh
·3-min read


When we find ourselves in times of trouble, Steve Kornacki comes to us—clad in khakis and armed with a glowing map of the U.S. As the uncertainty of November 4 stretched into hours and days, the MSNBC political correspondent was a pillar of statistics. While we panicked, stress ate, and screamed into the ether, Kornacki remained our dutiful guardian, immune to human needs like food and sleep.

Amid our anxiety fever dream, people wondered, Is Steve Kornacki ok? Everyone from Chrissy Teigen to Roxane Gay tweeted about his condition. Has he changed his shirt? Eaten a snack? Shut his eyes for more than a brief moment? Late into day three of vote counting, Kornacki tweeted, "Forget grabbing sleep, there's still votes coming in in PA. I'm heading back to the studio. In the old days, there was USA Up All Night. Tonight, it'll be MSNBC Up All Night. Come on along for the ride."

It appears that many people have joined Kornacki for the ride—and developed feelings along the way. Just as millions of votes began to pour in from Florida, then Wisconsin, and now Pennsylvania, Kornacki thirst tweets surged. Some coined him a "korsnacki." Others preferred math or map daddy. If America is a John Hughes movie, it's chosen the nerdy best friend over the popular quarterback. Kornacki would never pretend not to know you in the cafeteria. Kornacki would always help you cram for that calculus exam. And, yes, he'll deliver comprehensive political analysis on fumes alone. Nice guys may finish last, but Kornacki will be the first to tabulate complex electoral results, stealing hearts in the process.

Ahead, some of the thirstiest Kornacki tweets to emerge while we wait.

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