Officers Save Woman From 40-Foot Fall in Coastal North Carolina

Officers rescued a woman dangling off the top of a 40-foot building in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, on February 28.

Footage released by the Wrightsville Beach Police Department shows a woman rolling over a barrier atop a parking structure, then hanging off the side before being hoisted up by officers.

According to a press release issued by the department, police were called to the Shell Island Resort upon receiving reports of a woman acting suspiciously on the parking deck.

“As (Sgt. J. Rich) approached the woman, she suddenly rolled over the barrier wall at the top of the parking structure,” the police department wrote. "It appears that she was trying to avoid contact with the police and had severely misjudged the danger she was putting herself in.

“Sgt. Rich recognized that the woman was holding her body weight up with only her hands and was likely to fall more than 40 feet to the ground. As Sgt. Rich grabbed the woman by the arms, she could no longer maintain her grip. Shell Island Security Guard B. Price immediately went to assist Sgt. Rich by taking one of the woman’s arms. Officer J. Deal (WBPD) arrived seconds later to help. The three together brought the woman back over the ledge to safety.” Credit: Wrightsville Beach Police Department via Storyful