Officers Disperse Crowd as Portland Protest Escalates

Police in Portland, Oregon, attempted to disperse demonstrators in the early hours of June 26, footage shows, as protests flared on the one-month anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

In this video, Portland police officers can be heard announcing the protest had been declared an unlawful assembly as loud bangs go off. Portland police said they declared an unlawful assembly at 1 am after protesters who had gathered around the North Precinct attempted to breach the building and threatened to burn it down.

Police said demonstrators set the north side of North Precinct on fire by 2.14 am and police responded by using CS gas, a kind of tear gas, to disperse the crowd. Police said demonstrators had looted and set fire to businesses, and threw projectiles at officers.

“Numerous officers” were injured, police said, and four arrests were made. The protests were “more aggressive and violent than those seen in past weeks,” police said.

John Hacker captured the video and shared the footage on Twitter. He also shared footage of nearby buildings that were damaged. Credit: John Hacker via Storyful