‘The Office’ Is Reimagined for the COVID Era in Hilarious Twitter Thread

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‘The Office’ Is Reimagined for the COVID Era in Hilarious Twitter Thread

Ever find yourself wondering how the staff of Dunder Mifflin would cope with workplace mask mandates in this COVID era? You’re in luck. A writers room of thousands have produced a brand new episode of “The Office” through tweet replies that answers that question, complete with almost every character’s take on vaccines, working from home and everything in-between.

The impromptu pitch meeting commenced on Saturday when fans of the hit NBC sitcom found a tweet from user @Tumi213 that read, “Imagine an episode of The Office where they all have to get vaccinated.” And a full-fledged episode began to write itself in the replies.

We challenge you not to read these tweets in the characters’ voices (it’s nearly impossible).

After the cold open (perhaps containing some disturbing revelations on certain employees’ hand-washing habits — and lack thereof — at the onset of the pandemic) and opening credits sequence have rolled, imagine Michael Scott debriefing the documentary crew on his office safety strategy.

“ I signed everyone up to get the vaccine because I want everyone to be safe……… well almost everyone. I didnt get Toby an appointment because…… quite frankly……. He sucks” pic.twitter.com/4hns87sasb

— Camdiggidy (@camdiggidy) August 21, 2021

Should've called it Toby-19.
He's the most dangerous virus I know. https://t.co/K1KqNcAw86 pic.twitter.com/Rs4lscv5CR

— Schrupert (@Youteecrush) August 21, 2021

Then you’ve got Dwight’s take on the coronavirus. Virtually everyone in the replies were in agreement that he would be strictly anti-vax — for evolutionary purposes, of course.

Will I take the vaccine? False. Vaccine are for the weak. I will expose myself to covid & my immune system will prove that once and for all WE are stronger. We are superior. Mose died from the virus but Mose was weak. Natural Selection pic.twitter.com/Ut7LCsgAom

— Ave Guapo (@aveguapo) August 21, 2021

This dovetails perfectly into a classic Creed bit.

You know I actually created a Delta Variant in the 70s in the back of a meth lab I ran right outside of Omaha Nebraska. Sold it to the highest bidder in the early 2000s on eBay. Their name was “PhuckYu19” , best $63 I’ve ever made pic.twitter.com/Iq0mvxQ9eS

— Ave Guapo (@aveguapo) August 21, 2021

Meanwhile, Jim is using his vaccination status as the perfect excuse to mess with Dwight yet again.

“Oh I’ve actually been vaccinated for about 3 months now. Side effects weren’t too bad but I’ve been convincing Dwight that I’m slowly turning into a zombie. I started off groaning and pretending I didn’t notice it. Now I just Google brains and stare at them. . .hungrily.” https://t.co/V639mcT95l pic.twitter.com/aJ1N4aUXQb

— Young Mudblood (@Puff_Iya) August 21, 2021

Pam is trying her best to get her co-workers to follow safety protocols to mixed results.

"I made these cute cloth masks for everyone in the office. About half of them were in the trash by lunch. One of them was burnt. I think it was Dwight's." https://t.co/Dl8etwyQTY pic.twitter.com/e4v8hRpx3c

— TacoDraws (commissions open) (@captaintaco2345) August 21, 2021

Ryan, presumably a “Joe Rogan Experience” listener these days, is mindlessly skeptical about the vaccine. He does, however, realize that he can use the Delta variant as an excuse to get away from sometime-girlfriend (in his mind at least), Kelly.

Did I get the vaccine? I mean, what does that even mean? My friend told me the vaccine isn’t all that effective and is actually a way for the government to control you. And he’s a doctor in NEW YORK… so… pic.twitter.com/d8BPOotPmi

— Taisha Perez (@TaishaMPerez) August 21, 2021

I told Kelly the delta variant needs 4 weeks isolation. Guess who's getting delta next week https://t.co/Jw4SLs8QCF pic.twitter.com/G6xc8GqeDt

— Sir Nkanyiso (@Lifa_kaZulu) August 21, 2021

Kelly is, in turn, buying all of Ryan’s BS with the hope that they’ll finally be together.

“Ryan said we couldn’t be together if I didn’t get the vaccine. He doesn’t want me putting him at risk. So I got it. He then tells me he didn’t get it and doesn’t want to put me at risk. Creed told me about a guy in Mexico who could get rid of it. Nothing can keep us apart.” pic.twitter.com/A9a3LbINED

— 🧑🏾‍🦯 (@Only_1AG) August 21, 2021

Over in Accounting, Angela is only thinking of her beloved cats.

“It’s injustice! I tried to take Ember, Milky Way, Diane, Lumpy and all my other cats to get their shots and they said it’s not for animals. Can you believe that?!”

Interviewer: “What about your son?”

“What about my son?” pic.twitter.com/y1bAVYGhaO

— Adeola (@Babcidy) August 21, 2021

Kevin’s just in it for the chips, unaware that they’re not of the potato or tortilla variety.

"oh yeah. very excited for the shot. I heard Angela say they're only doing it to put chips in us. mmmm. chips." https://t.co/mThkY0JZi5 pic.twitter.com/DlGTB2fo6l

— Kwaai Havertz⭐⭐🇿🇦🇵🇸🇿🇦🇵🇸 (@witchbail) August 21, 2021

Oscar, appearing on-camera via Zoom, is not leaving the WFH life anytime soon.

*interviewing via Zoom* "There's no way in hell I'm coming into the office with these people in the middle of a pandemic." pic.twitter.com/s2lBboU3ts

— aye man, say man… (@thefatmac_) August 21, 2021

Andy, aka “Nard Dog,” can only discuss his vaccination experience through song.

"Oh this nard dawg? Donezo. Went to the vaccination center along with ma cornell dudesss, yepp. Got em good stuff. Moderna. (High pitched) VaccinaaaAAaaTeDD~" pic.twitter.com/Rn0hy1tiv7

— ya girl next door (@siapamaukueh) August 21, 2021

Stanley, on the other hand, would rather take his chances with the virus than spend one more day with these people.

“I ain’t getting no damn vaccine, if Covid is the only way I can get some paid days off then imma wait till I get it” pic.twitter.com/5XvVwk4A4O

— GothamGawd…!! (@Moelemo) August 21, 2021

Phyllis, married to Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration in case you didn’t know, is talking about how the pandemic has been great for business and even better for her.

“My husband, Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration says the pandemic has been great for business. Hospitals need his trucks on account of all the bodies and stuff. He’s made a lot of money this year. Bob said he’s going to take me to Hawaii. I’ve never been.” https://t.co/aZ14MnRQuB pic.twitter.com/Lp2QiGI3lf

— No Relation, Esq. (@TheCosby) August 21, 2021

Meredith, on the other hand, is presumably unvaccinated because anything involving Coronas sounds like a pretty good time.

“hmm Corona ? sounds like something id like in side of me .” pic.twitter.com/z5XzEvI3pe

— 𝔏𝔢𝔢-ℜ𝔬𝔶 𝔐𝔬𝔩𝔞𝔭𝔦 (@_roydesigns) August 21, 2021

Daryl was on the fence about getting vaccinated until he got the push he needed.

Justine texted me that she wouldn’t come over unless I got vaxxed.

So I texted her back “BTB”- bring that booty. My appointment’s at 3. pic.twitter.com/RqqCLxde3N

— Taisha Perez (@TaishaMPerez) August 21, 2021

Then we’ve got Todd Packer, and, even if he’s not an active QAnon conspiracy Facebook group member, he at least dabbles.

They think they can push this Chinese virus vaccine on us but they have another thing coming. I’ve already tested positive 3 times and haven’t told a soul. Not a single symptom. My antibodies are handling this virus like we handled Hiroshima and Nagasaki. https://t.co/pDul7XX0RD pic.twitter.com/oJR2srjym1

— CLAAN JOALE (@TDukescoop51) August 21, 2021

Erin is her usual perky but absentminded self.

"I GOT IT!!! Okay hear me out…. 👁👄👁 i didnt really know much about the types of vaxes so i told the nurse to gimme the best one they have. Aand….. i got the one that rhymes with the word "Freezer", cool stuff huh?? UP TOP!!" pic.twitter.com/SO2fvvk7C5

— ya girl next door (@siapamaukueh) August 21, 2021

Lastly, we even got David Wallace from Dunder Mifflin’s corporate office to weigh-in.

"Michael has refused our company mask requirement for the Scranton branch. He said "If I can't see their smiles, I'll have nothing but the tears of that clown from IT," or something."


He means well though. pic.twitter.com/eh8Yq2JLhT

— padrenurgle (@padrenurgle) August 21, 2021

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