‘The Offer’ Cast and Character Guide: Who Plays Who in the Series About ‘The Godfather’? (Photos)

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Tremendous forces came together during the production of “The Godfather,” helmed by producer Albert S. Ruddy for Paramount, back when Robert Evans was head honcho under owner Charles Bluhdorn. As if the pressure from the Paramount executives, especially Barry Lapidus weren’t enough, Ruddy also had the particular tastes of Francis Ford Coppola to appease in order to keep him on board the project and to expedite the writing process of the book’s author Mario Puzo.

Add in threats mobsters like Joe Colombo, as well as very specific casting choices, and Ruddy definitely had his hands full. It was worth it in the end: “The Godfather” is one of the best movies ever made. But the process of getting it made is the focus of the new Paramount+ limited series “The Offer,” which premieres on April 28.

With so many familiar faces getting the fictionalized treatment, we’ve put together a rundown of who plays who in our handy cast and character guide.

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