Off-road enthusiasts kick off desert season in Dubai

Off-roading enthusiasts kick off Dubai’s desert season

as temperatures cool down across the UAE

This was the first trip of the season for Almost4x4 Off-Road Club

after months of lockdown and restrictions on leisure activities

(SOUNDBITE) (English) FOUNDER OF "ALMOST 4x4" OFF-ROAD CLUB, MOHAMED AL- SHAMSI, SAYING:"ALMOST 4X4" one of the oldest clubs in UAE, it is 16 years old, founded by six founders. We started with 3 cars, 6 people. So far, we have more than 6,600 members, and we are still growing. We are considered one of the largest clubs in the country."

(SOUNDBITE) (English) FOUNDER OF "ALMOST 4x4" OFF-ROAD CLUB, MOHAMED AL- SHAMSI, SAYING:"The year 2020 was hard for everyone, but we believe that life is back around the world. UAE is one of the countries that is encouraging the returning to the normal life and this is the opening season and as you can see we have a large number of members joining and they are interested to learn about off-roading."

(SOUNDBITE) (English) MEMBER OF "ALMOST 4x4" TEAM, TOM WELLY, SAYING:"I found them actually on the internet and it's absolutely a nice story. I bought a 4x4 car and I thought ok let's give it a try and immediately I got stuck and I thought maybe I should get some lessons, and that's how I got into contact with "ALMOST 4X4"."

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