Octopus Battle Sees One Oust the Other From Broken Bottle Home

A diver captured a battle between two octopuses for ownership of a broken bottle in the waters off the Victoria coast, sharing footage of the struggle to Instagram on June 2.

Diver and keen photographer Jules Casey regularly documents what she sees below the waves of Port Phillip Bay, in Victoria, Australia.

Her latest footage features the struggle between the two underwater creatures for the unusual resting spot.

Identifying the pair as two southern keeled octopuses, Casey wrote that they each wanted “the same broken bottle as a home”, noting too that a feather star got caught up in the battle before eventually escaping unharmed.

Casey’s near-two-minute video shows one octopus ousting another from the bottle. The “losing octopus”, Casey wrote, left the battle “with a small chunk missing from his mantle”. Credit: Jules Casey via Storyful

Video transcript


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