October Horoscope: Transit Of Planets And What’s In Store For All Zodiac Signs

Astrology is an ancient method that uses planetary bodies, zodiac signs, and houses to communicate guidance correlated to human behaviour and events. The Sun and Moon are also considered as planets in astrology besides Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Mercury. The nodes Rahu and Ketu are considered as shadowy planets.

Your star sign is your sun sign. However, there are two other signs which form your identity; these are known as your rising sign (ascendant) and your moon sign (rashi). For accurate predictions, all three signs are considered.

The October horoscope predictions here are related to the sun signs, and transit of the other planets in relation to the Sun.

Transit of planets in October:

  • Mercury turns direct in Virgo – October 2, 2022

  • Mars Transit in Gemini - October 16, 2022

  • Sun Transit in Libra – October 17, 2022, from Virgo

  • Venus Transit in Libra – October 18, 2022

  • Saturn turns direct in Capricorn – October 23, 2022

  • Mercury Transit in Libra – October 26, 2022

  • Jupiter is in Aries until – October 28, 2022

  • Saturn Retro in Capricorn, turns direct on October 23, 2022

  • Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra


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October horoscope: What’s in store for all sun signs

Aries (Ram) October horoscope: March 21–April 19

October horoscop: Aries
October horoscop: Aries

During Sun’s transit in Virgo, you will achieve success; obstacles at work will be removed. Your health will be good, and life will be happy and healthy. Recovery will be quick in case you’ve gone through a medical adversity. 

Great opportunities for students preparing for competitive exams or government jobs. You will be successful in delivering and expanding your work. Aries will feel satisfaction in their families. 

The movement of the Sun in airy sign Libra on October 17 can make Aries people a bit egoistic. Sun is debilitated here, it might lead to conflicts with family, friends and colleagues. Pay special attention to your spouse. This is the time when natives of this zodiac need to stay calm and avoid all kinds of confrontations.

Remedy: Offer water to the Lord Sun every morning.

Taurus (Bull) October horoscope: April 20–May 20

October horoscope: Taurus
October horoscope: Taurus

Disagreement with family over some issue in your personal life and relationship with your employees may worsen a little as well. So, from the start, strive to maintain as much calm as possible. You should also avoid making any major decisions during this time because you can lose money. This transit, on the other hand, increases your chances of professional achievement. Sports personnel and people in creative fields will benefit.  

The entry of the Sun in the air sign Libra would bring luck and prosperity on both personal and professional front. If you are looking for a job opportunity, then this period may bring luck. If you are suffering from any health issues, your recovery will be fast. But take extra care while driving or crossing roads.

Remedy: Regularly chant ‘Om Suryaya Namah’.

Gemini (Twins) October horoscope: May 21–June 21

October horoscope: Gemini
October horoscope: Gemini

Some strife in family is indicated. Avoid arguments and altercations. Some challenges can come up in marital life and partnerships can go wrong. Look after your health; some skin related problems indicated. Your partner/spouse might benefit financially. Avoid travel as it will not be fruitful. 

Keep communication clear and stay calm.  Focus on the positive in your life and keep an optimistic approach. Your interest in creativity will peak.

Remedy: Pray to Lord Ganesha and chant ‘Om Gan Ganpataya Namah’


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Cancer (Crab) October horoscope: June 22–July 22

Weekly horoscope: Cancer
Weekly horoscope: Cancer

The current transit of the Sun in the third house would be beneficial to persons born under the sign of Cancer. Advancement in your career and financial gains indicated. Health concerns will resolve positively. When it comes to work, this transit will help you. Your efforts will be recognised, and you may receive a promotion or raise. In family, there will be support and understanding. 

The Sun is placed in the weaker position in Libra, which may not bring much good news for the natives of this zodiac. You may have some conflict due to your harsh tone, which may lead to criticism. Take extra care of your mother’s health. Do not take any health condition lightly. 

Remedy: Chant Surya mantra ‘Om Ghrini Suryay Namah’.

Leo (Lion) October horoscope: July 23–August 22

Leo weekly horoscope
Leo weekly horoscope

For people born under the sign of Leo, every transit of the Sun is significant. Because it is the lord of your own zodiac; the Sun’s passage through the second house might not be beneficial to you. It’s recommended that you take decisions carefully and ponder a little while speaking. Keep calm in every situation and do not use harsh words in any conversation. Prioritise your health. Be cautious in all types of financial transactions. 

During the second half of the month, you will be ambitious, energetic, and enthusiastic. There would be love and peace around you. You will also get opportunities to grow professionally.

Remedy: Chant the mantras of the planet Sun ‘Om Suryaya Namah’.

Virgo (Virgin) October horoscope: August 23–September 22


The Sun’s transit will cause trouble for most Virgos. You will experience escalated ego, which may have an impact on your relationships with loved ones. In terms of your financial life, exercise extreme caution before engaging in any financial transaction. This transit can cause health issues such as fever, headaches and indigestion. Do not neglect your health, especially with the increased workload. 

Sun lord moves to your second house mid-month, and it might give you tension and will also have a significant impact on your life. Individuals who choose to travel overseas will benefit; financial gains are also indicated. You are advised to think before taking big decisions.

Remedy: Donate red lentil every Sunday.

Libra (Balance) October horoscope: September 23–October 23


The Sun is the lord of Libra’s eleventh house, and during this transit, the planet will be in the twelfth house from your zodiac sign. The twelfth house is sometimes referred to as the house of loss and expense in a horoscope. The transit of the sun in this house of Libra, might take you abroad during this period.

It will improve the possibilities of receiving good news on the travel front, especially for those who have wished to travel overseas for a long time and have been unsuccessful. You might be prone to accident during this transit. Be wary of opponents and rivals. You might feel a little low and demotivated to work. Your spouse’s health might suffer and there might be some friction in the family.

Remedy: Praying to Goddess Durga will prove beneficial.

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Scorpion (Scorpion) October horoscope: October 24–November 21

Weekly horoscope: Scorpio
Weekly horoscope: Scorpio

Expect increase in income, a raise or a bonus and all things good. Your sources of income will expand, and you will be able to earn money through multiple channels. Relationships and atmosphere at home will also bring you satisfaction. Good family life is indicated. Your bosses will openly encourage you at work, and colleagues will be cooperative. 

The water sign, Scorpion natives will be communicative and creative and will grow both personally and professionally. This would be a stress-free and relaxed phase. Stay alert regarding your health. Some skin allergies might arise. 

Remedy: Worshipping Lord Hanuman will be beneficial.

Sagittarius (Archer) October horoscope: November 22–December 21

Weekly horoscope: Sagittarius
Weekly horoscope: Sagittarius

Those who are employed will be seen pursuing opportunities to advance in their careers. Lord Sun will provide you with good and fresh prospects in life. Name and fame are likely to come your way and you might also get awards. Health will be good; you will be able to enjoy a happy and healthy life. You will get several opportunities to meet many influential people. Your societal stature will also increase. 

For Sagittarius natives, the Sun transition in Libra will bring instability in financial matters. You may have some discord with your father. On the work front, you will gain appreciation and promotion. You might pick up some new hobbies which will be a source of pleasure. 

Remedy: Offer yellow lentil and jaggery at any temple.

Capricorn (Goat) October horoscope: December 22–January 19


The Sun, the lord of Capricorn’s eighth house, is now transiting in the ninth house of your zodiac thus causing ups and downs in your life. You might have some differences with people around. You must quit imposing your will on people in any situation. 

Mental stress is indicated. Do not give your opinion on anything in your family without understanding the complete situation. When Sun moves to Libra, your leadership skills will be enhanced. You will be positive, enthusiastic and motivated to excel in all spheres of life. Your relationships will improve greatly, and you will enjoy good health.

Remedy: Worshipping of Lord Hanuman is recommended.

Aquarius (Water Bearer) October horoscope: January 20–February 18


Maintain your cool and avoid getting into arguments and confrontations. Take care of your partner’s health. Your rising expenses will be a cause of worry.  

For Aquarians, this transition can increase your tension and stress level. In terms of professional life, this phase is good for those looking for a change. New opportunities might come your way so be alert and utilise them. Keep communication clear and avoid ambiguity. Health will remain good.

Remedy: Take a bath daily and worship Lord Shani.

Pisces (Fish) October horoscope: February 19–March 20


The Sun, lord of the sixth house of Pisces, will be in your zodiac’s seventh house. The seventh house of the horoscope reflects long-term partnerships in life. Some disagreements with long-term business partners and spouse are indicated. If you’re planning to propose, now is not a good time. At work, you might not be able to achieve your target. On the health front, anxiety and stress are likely to bog you down.  

For the water sign Pisces, the transition of Sun to Libra will pose you with struggles and obstacles. You will have to work harder to stay abreast with your commitments.

Remedy: Offer water to Lord Sun in a copper vessel.

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