Ocean Explorers Discover World's Deepest Shipwreck

A US Navy ship, which sunk after a naval battle with Japan during WWll, was discovered 22,621 feet (6,895 meters) deep off the coast of the Philippines on Wednesday, June 22.

The discovery of USS Samuel B Roberts in the Leyte Gulf set a new world record for the world’s deepest shipwreck. A dedicated effort by ship crewmen, a submarine team and historians led to the ruins found in two pieces, 32 feet (10 meters) apart, using sonar technology and historical records.

“Using a combination of detective work and innovative technology, everyone has pulled together to reveal the final resting place of this tenacious ship,” said Expedition Leader Kelvin Murray. "We are all proud of what has been achieved and humbled by what we witnessed.”

The Battle of Samar, which consequently led to the sinking of “Sammy B”, was part of one of the largest naval confrontations in history, according to historians.

Victor Vescovo, an explorer and founder of Caladan Oceanic, worked jointly with EYOS Expeditions to dive in the Leyte Gulf and capture the footage of the wreck. Before this discovery, he also worked to find USS Johnson, which previously set the record for deepest shipwreck.

“It was an extraordinary honor to locate this incredibly famous ship, and by doing so have the chance to retell her story of heroism and duty to those who may not know of the ship and her crew’s sacrifice," said Vescovo. Credit: Caladan Oceanic and EYOS Expeditions via Storyful

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