This obstacle race may secure a spot in 2028 Games

STORY: Location: Ankara, Turkey

This obstacle course race may replace horse riding

in the Olympic 'modern pentathlon'

in a bid to make the sport more inclusive

The modern pentathlon has been

part of the Olympic Games since 1912

but it was dropped from an initial list of 28

sports for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles

The hope is the update will carry the sport to the

2028 Games and secure a future beyond

[Klaus Schormann, UIPM President]

“The message from our nations (federations) is, they all want to keep our sport within the Olympic movement. And we have understood clearly what we have to do for the young generations, for the coming generations, that they all should have the chance to fulfil their dream of being an Olympic athlete.”

Replacing riding with obstacle racing

would open up the pool of potential athletes

It's hoped the move will convince

the IOC of the sports' added value

[Yasser Hefny, Former World Champion]

"..It’s a playground. It’s something natural. Everyone can hang, everyone can jump, everyone can go through something – Africans are so good at this. So, I think it’s really a big potential to get Africa into the game with a new discipline.”