NYU Students Pack Up Belongings Under Plans to Use Dorms as Hospital Rooms

Students of New York University were ordered to evacuate the campus dormitories on March 17 under plans to potentially use the dorms to house overflow COVID-19 patients from hospitals, NYU News reported.

According to NYU News, as concerns loomed that New York City hospitals would not be able to handle an influx of coronavirus patients, Mayor Bill de Blasio said New York City will add 8,200 beds to increase the system’s capacity.

Marc Wais, NYU’s Vice President of Student Affairs, asked students to empty their rooms in the event they were needed for hospital beds and noted that it was better to act now than in an emergency situation, the report said.

In this video, boxes and bags of belongings can be seen piled up on one of the dorms as a student sits on a bare twin bed in an empty room. Credit: Jasmine Martina Diantoro via Storyful