NYT Strands today — hints, answers and spangram for Saturday, April 20 (game #48)

 NYT Strands homescreen on a mobile phone screen, on a light blue background.
NYT Strands homescreen on a mobile phone screen, on a light blue background.

It's the weekend. Yay! And in keeping with the more relaxed nature of the day, this Strands puzzle is a little easier to solve than some. Yay again!

Strands is the latest addition to the New York Times' Games selection, joining the likes of Wordle and Connections. It's great fun, but can be tricky at times, so scroll down for my hints. Although as I said above, this one isn't necessarily too bad…

SPOILER WARNING: Information about NYT Strands today is below, so don't read on if you don't want to know the answers.

NYT Strands today (game #48) - hint #1 - today's theme

What is the theme of today's NYT Strands?

Today's NYT Strands theme is… Walk this way

NYT Strands today (game #48) - hint #2 - clue words

What are some good clue words today?

Play any of these words to unlock the in-game hints system.







NYT Strands today (game #48) - hint #3 - spangram

What is a hint for today's spangram?

On foot

NYT Strands today (game #48) - hint #4 - spangram position

Where does today's spangram start and end?

Start: left, 3rd row

End: right, 6th row

Right, the answers are below, so DO NOT SCROLL ANY FURTHER IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE THEM.

NYT Strands today (game #48) - the answers

NYT Strands answers for game #48 on a blue background
NYT Strands answers for game #48 on a blue background

The answers to today's Strands, game #48, are…






  • TREK



  • My rating: Easy

  • My score: Perfect

The clue here was 'Walk this way', and once I'd established that AEROSMITH wasn't an answer (and neither was RUN-DMC), it was obvious that what was needed was 'words associated with walking'. I couldn't find STRIDE, but uncovered STROLL, MARCH and TRUDGE early on, and the others followed easily enough afterwards.

The spangram might have been harder, but by then I'd revealed so much of the board that it was no great problem to find PEDESTRIAN and finish off the puzzle.

How did you do today? Send me an email and let me know.

Yesterday's NYT Strands answers (Friday 19 April, game #47)


  • NEWS





  • TALK


What is NYT Strands?

Strands is the NYT's new word game, following Wordle and Connections. It's currently in Beta and can be played on the NYT Games site on desktop or mobile.

I've got a full guide to how to play NYT Strands, complete with tips for solving it, so check that out if you're struggling to beat it each day.