NYPD arrests dozens of protesters in sweep of pro-Gaza encampments at NYU, The New School

NEW YORK — Police cleared out pro-Gaza encampments at New York University and The New School early Friday morning, arresting dozens of protesters urging the schools to divest from Israel over the war in Gaza, police and university officials said.

A rep for NYU said the request for the NYPD’s assistance came after protesters refused to leave Greene St. Walkway, despite violations of school rules and an agreement with the city about the walkway. NYU also cited “growing safety concerns” about the protesters and counter-protesters being drawn to the site.

“This was not about the content of the protesters’ speech, but rather, about the nature of this protest, including the threat it posed to our community,” NYU spokesman John Beckman said.

The sweeps at NYU and the New School follow NYPD actions earlier this week at Columbia University and CCNY.

Police arrived in riot gear with batons at about 6 a.m. and the process took about 20 minutes. Beckman said it involved “minimal disruption and minimal confrontation.” Most of the protesters — about 30 — chose to leave when notified of imminent action, but about a dozen remained, he said.

Last week, administrators at NYU said they will proceed with disciplinary action against the protesters at the walkway.

Friday’s request of the NYPD marked the second sweep at NYU, when dozens were arrested on Apr. 22.

Another police raid was underway Friday morning at The New School, where the campus chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine said dozens of protesters were arrested.

“The actions and continuing escalation of these individuals are a substantial disruption of the educational environment and regular operations of the university,” read a letter from university officials requesting the NYPD’s assistance.

The New School announced all academic buildings will be closed Friday.

“We are on site and our officers will be assisting with the unparalleled professionalism,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz Daughtry wrote of both sweeps on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Close to 300 protesters were arrested Tuesday night between demonstrations at and around Columbia University and City College. Police later swept an encampment at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus.