NYC's Meatpacking District brims with a million flowers

STORY: "L.E.A.F is a three-day festival of flowers," said Moira Breslin, founder of L.E.A.F. "It's inspired by other great festivals around the world. But we really wanted it to have all the grit and the energy of New York. And so what has more energy than the Meatpacking? And so we're delighted to be here for our second year."

Renowned flower designer Lewis Miller designed four street sign installations for the festival.

"I want people, when they see the installations, to feel joy and surprise and turn the corner and be like, 'wow.' Flowers have this amazing power to uplift people," he said. "Putting them in really unexpected places and having a larger than life display should give you an instantly positive, visceral response."

Jeffrey LeFrancois, executive director of the Meatpacking Business Improvement District, said he wanted people to feel like they were immersed in nature in the middle of concrete.

One of the installations is meant to evoke "a walk in the park. In the city, we don't always have the most greenspace and so we wanted to bring this park-like moment to the heart of the Meatpacking District. So you have to kind of meander and work your way through and really experience nature in the heart of the city and smell things along the way."

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