NYC officials defend 'alarming' nuclear survival ad

STORY: “There’s been a nuclear attack. Don’t ask me how or why, just know a big one has hit. So, what do we do?”

This public service announcement was recently released by New York City, offering a three-step plan on how to survive a nuclear attack.

And it’s baffled some New Yorkers.

"This message is a little alarming. Quite frankly, there's so many other things going on to worry about.”

“I think there is definitely justified reason for it. Just as a precautionary measure more than anything else. Yeah, I'm scared.”

On Wednesday, city officials defended the decision to produce the animated ad.

They explained there is no looming threat against New York.

Mayor Eric Adams denied it was an alarmist move, saying he’s a “big believer in better safe than sorry”.

“This was right after the attacks in the Ukraine and OEM took a very proactive step to say, 'let's be prepared.' And it doesn't mean just a nuclear attack, it's any natural disaster. 'Pack a bag, know where your medicines are located.' These are just smart things to do.”

In a letter to Reuters, the city’s emergency management department said the goal of the campaign was to keep New Yorkers informed.

Adding there was no direct threat to the city, "but we felt it was important that we addressed this topic.”

The video was released while tensions remain high between the West and Russia over the invasion of Ukraine.

Russian officials have warned countries that oppose what Moscow calls its “special military operation” to avoid any actions that would risk nuclear war.

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