NYC Mayor Eric Adams won’t discuss grand jury hearing evidence in probe of his campaign

NEW YORK — Mayor Eric Adams wouldn’t answer questions Monday about revelations that a federal grand jury is reviewing evidence as part of an investigation into his 2021 campaign, promising to not be bothered by such “distractions” and criticizing reporters for asking about the matter.

“Didn’t I just tell you don’t be throwing dirt?” Adams said at an unrelated press conference in Brooklyn after being asked whether anyone from his administration or campaign has testified before the grand jury. “I know it’s hard for you to do, but stay focused, no distractions and grind.”

When asked if he knows who has been subpoenaed by the grand jury, Adams complained to the assembled crowd: “You see the New York press? You see what it is to be the mayor of the city?”

Repeating what has become a mayoral mantra for him, Adams then added: “Try this: Stay focused, no distractions and grind.”

As first reported by the New York Daily News on Friday, a federal grand jury has been hearing evidence as part of the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s investigation into whether the Turkish government funneled illegal money into the mayor’s 2021 campaign coffers via straw donors. The mayor, whose electronics were seized by FBI agents last November, hasn’t been accused of wrongdoing in the probe.

Federal grand juries are convened to review evidence in cases brought by U.S. attorneys’ offices and have the power to bring indictments and issue subpoenas seeking documents, testimony or both.

It’s unclear when the grand jury began reviewing evidence in the Adams-Turkey probe, though a source familiar with the matter confirmed at least one person connected to the mayor recently received a federal subpoena.