NYC dinner party involves naked dining

STORY: This video contains nudity

Location: New York

This vegan dinner party requires you to dine naked

The Fude Breathwork Experience also includes guided breathing exercises

Founder Charlie Ann Max started experimenting with naked events in 2020

(Charlie Ann Max, The Fude Experience founder)

"It's my mission to connect us to our most pure, authentic selves. And this is really a beautiful experience that helps us feel deeply connected to one another as well as the world around us. So, I love when people can come in, they take off their clothes. A lot of times people are nervous. People are coming in for the first time to experience nudity in a group. And so it's important that we have different facilitators to come in to help people feel more comfortable.”

Entry to an event costs between $44 and $88

All participants have to go through a screening process

(Veronica Kulig, Participant)

"It's... it's amazing. You feel so much in your body, and emotionally, but then to finish that whole experience out and just enjoying food with lovely people, and having conversations about what just happened and casual conversations, it's an experience I don't think you can get anywhere else doing anything else. This is so unique."

(Niko Jane, Participant)

"It's stepping out of your comfort zone in such a safe way, even though it doesn't seem like that walking in the door, but I think it's really beautiful to watch everyone kind of get more comfortable, like, just being here in this space.”