Nvidia offers EU concessions on $54 bln Arm deal

Its chip designs power most of the world's smartphones, and millions of other gadgets.

Now Arm could be edging closer to a takeover.

U.S. firm Nvidia has offered concessions to the EU in a bid to win over competition watchdogs.

It's aiming to seal a $54 billion acquisition of the UK-based firm, currently owned by Japanese investment giant SoftBank.

But the deal has raised concerns over whether Arm could remain a neutral player, licensing its intellectual property to customers and rivals.

Qualcomm, Samsung and Apple are among firms to have raised concerns.

Brussels wouldn't say what concessions have been offered.

Watchdogs will now consult with affected firms before deciding whether to give the green light.

Nvidia is the world's biggest maker of graphics and AI chips.

It has pledged to maintain Arm as a neutral supplier.

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