Nvidia introduces the RTX 4060 family - RTX 4060 Ti to launch May 24

 Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti Reveal image with Nvidia black and green 40 series background
Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti Reveal image with Nvidia black and green 40 series background

Nvidia has unveiled the next installments of its 40 series GPU family. The RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 have been confirmed, with the 4060 Ti launching on May 24, and the RTX 4060 releasing in July.

The RTX 4060 Ti will come in two variants, one with 8GB of VRAM that will cost $399, and another with 16GB of VRAM that will be priced at $499, but will arrive in July. This second model with more memory will likely be a popular choice, especially considering the RTX 4070 only has 12GB of VRAM.

After the lengthy gap between the announcements of the RTX 4070 Ti and RTX 4070, many will be glad to hear this news come so soon. For reference, the RTX 4070 is priced at a higher $599 MSRP. With the price of video cards being a controversial topic for many PC players, these lower prices will offer many of them a chance to afford some of the best graphics cards.

Interestingly, both RTX 4060 Ti models will share many of the same specs, including the number of shaders and RT Cores. Upgraders will be glad to know that this generation of 60-class boards will be less power-hungry than the 3060 Ti. The specs list can be seen in the image below.

RTX 4060 Ti specs table
RTX 4060 Ti specs table

Meanwhile, the cheaper RTX 4060 will have 15 TFLOPs worth of shaders, 35TFLOPs of 3rd Gen RT Cores, and a TGP of 115W. These cards, as opposed to the RTX 4090, will be aimed at in-game performances at 1080p, with some lighter performances at 1440p and 4K.

The RTX 4060 Ti will have 4352 CUDA Cores, with a boost clock speed of 2.54GHz. The RTX 4060 will have 3072 CUDA Cores with a similar boost clock of 2.46GHz. All three cards in the RTX 4060 family will use GDDR6 VRAM, not GDDR6X.

Of course, being 40 series GPUs, they'll have the same frame blending capabilities from DLSS 3.0 that previous entries do. Dimensions of the cards will vary based on which manufacturer and brand you go for, but Nvidia lists a 244mm length and a 98mm width, with all three versions being 2-slot cards.

As expected, various third-party brands that manufacture and distribute Nvidia's graphics cards have already announced their versions of these entry-level components. Zotac, for example, has revealed that it will add a white RTX 4060 Ti edition to its officially licensed lineup of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse cards.

While marketing images show the RTX 4060 Ti as a twin-fan GPU, Zotac's release, among others, stated that there will be single-fan configurations available as well, which will be beneficial to those working in smaller form factor cases. It would seem that all of the GPUs announced will use a single 8-pin PCIe power connector.

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