Nur Sajat says she will be on ‘The Ellen Show’

Celebrity transwoman Nur Sajat has gotten fans excited over her announcement that she would be appearing on The Ellen Show.

The 36-year-old entrepreneur, who is now based in Australia, dropped the announcement live on TikTok over the weekend, saying that she would be flying to the U.S in January to appear in the popular show hosted by TV star Ellen DeGeneres. She also said that she would drop by Singapore in February, without mentioning why.

“Okay, I’m going to the US in January to be interviewed on The Ellen Show,” she said in the clip, which was reposted yesterday. Producers of the show have not responded to Coconuts’ request for comment as of publication time.

If Sajat does appear on the show, she will become the second Malaysian celebrity – and probably the last – to be interviewed by DeGeneres after Crazy Rich Asians actor Henry Golding in 2018. The Ellen Show is currently in its final season after going on air for the first time 18 years ago.

“Sajat on Ellen this January. Bow down to the Queen,” Iejannabdullah reacted to the announcement on Twitter today.

“She’s going to be on Ellen? OMG how exciting!” Tiktok user Hannan Arissa commented while many others congratulated Sajat on her success since leaving Malaysia.

Sajat was recently allowed by the Australian government to move to Sydney after she fled from persecution by religious authorities in Malaysia, who accused her of insulting Islam when she wore a floral headscarf and a pink dress.

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