Nur Sajat says flying to US in January for Ellen DeGeneres talk show

Malaysian cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat. — Picture via Instagram/Nur Sajat
Malaysian cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat. — Picture via Instagram/Nur Sajat

PETALING JAYA, Nov 24 — Malaysian transgender entrepreneur Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman says she will be jetting off to the United States in January to appear on Ellen DeGeneres’ popular talk show.

Sajat, who is now based in Australia after she was granted asylum, announced the news on TikTok over the weekend.

She also revealed she will be travelling to Singapore in February but did not say why.

“Okay, I’m going to the US in January to be interviewed on The Ellen Show,” the cosmetics entrepreneur said in the clip.

Should she appear on the talk show, Sajat will become the second Malaysian celebrity to be interviewed by DeGeneres who previously spoke to British-Iban actor Henry Golding for the 2018 rom-com Crazy Rich Asians.

The Ellen Show is currently in its 19th and final season – there isn’t a confirmed date for the beloved talk show’s last episode, but it will most likely air in the summer of 2022, according to US entertainment sites.

Speaking in Malay, the 36-year-old also added she believes she will receive more work opportunities once she masters the English language.

In her TikTok clip, Sajat can be seen wearing a hot pink Barbie top with one of her signature products, the bengkung or girdle.

The celebrity entrepreneur also posted on Instagram that 500 pieces of her famous Let’s Bengkung girdle are being flown to Australia.

Sajat is currently setting up roots in Sydney since being granted asylum there last month to flee persecution by Malaysian authorities who claimed she had “insulted Islam for wearing a baju kurung and a floral headscarf at a religious event.

Sajat told Malay Mail in an interview last month that she was eager to start a new life Down Under and sold off her businesses in Malaysia when she found out she won’t be returning home.

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