Nur Fazura forks out tens of thousands of ringgit for employees' gifts

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27 April – There are many reasons to come and work for Malaysian actress Nur Fazura. She is known to be very close to her staff, a dedicated employer,...

...and apparently, she gives her staff free luxury bags!

According to radio presenter DJ Sonic, who recently collaborated with Fazura in an event, the actress has spent tens of thousands of ringgit buying each and every one of her employees' COACH bags.

The purchase was recorded by him via his TikTok, showing the actress paying for a huge number of COACH items, and included DJ Sonic as one of the recipients as well.

Her Rahmat Ramadan collection was a big success
Her Rahmat Ramadan collection was a big success

It is noted that Fazura has been making bank with her hijab product Tudung Fazura, which she sells at only RM27 per piece since last year in her effort to help those whose employment were affected by COVID-19.

The mother of one sold 80,000 pieces when she first launched her brand last year, and continued to be successful with subsequent collections, as 200,000 pieces of her recent Rahmat Ramadan collection were immediately grabbed by fans and the public alike.

(Photo Source: Nur Fazura Instagram)