Nuggets game paused for several minutes again due to bent rim

For the second time this week, a Denver Nuggets game was delayed several minutes due to a crooked rim. The Nuggets were no less frustrated this time.

With the Cleveland Cavaliers in town, the Nuggets looked on their way to a win with a 96-82 lead. Then Cavaliers players noticed the alignment of the rim. What followed was an interruption, timed at seven minutes, in which Ball arena employees used ladders and a level to fix the issue again.

As that played out, Jamal Murray lounged with courtside fans and Nuggets head coach Michael Malone appeared to be fighting off a migraine, all while the crowd loudly booed.

Fortunately for all involved, that delay wasn't nearly as long as the half-hour delay last week caused by a Robert Williams dunk.

The Nuggets cruised to a 121-108 win once play was resumed, with star Nikola Jokic posting a 28-point, 15-rebound, 10-assist triple-double to push the team to a 26-13 record.

Workers straighten the rim of the Cleveland Cavaliers basket in the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Denver Nuggets, Friday, Jan. 6, 2023, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
Just some normal basketball during Cavaliers-Nuggets. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)