‘I was not showing off my bum’: TV host Janna Nick calls out bloggers for suggestive headlines (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 22 — Actress and TV host Janna Nick expressed her disappointment with bloggers that used suggestive headlines as clickbait, which have to led her being ridiculed by social media users.

The celebrity was responding to a picture of her with her back facing the camera, where some social media users chose to focus on her buttocks.

Taking to Instagram, the 27-year-old, whose real name is Nurul Jannah Muner, stressed that the picture was taken when she was turning around when hailed by a fan, Harian Metro reported.

"Sometimes I do not understand the writings of some bloggers. If the headline is meant to be clickbait, please ensure the source is authentic and not to manipulate readers."

"Do not relate wrong things. Our people love to only read headings. The viral video was taken by a fan who attended the event," she said, adding that the fan was a woman who brought along her child.

Janna said she turned around to wave and invited the woman's child to take a picture with her.

"I was not showing my bum. From the back obviously you will see the buttocks and not the nose," she fumed.

On a lighter note, the Gatal singer asked her fans if she should seek medical treatment to reduce the size of her bum.

According to Berita Harian, the video of Janna was taken when she attended the movie premiere of Juang.

Her social media account has been flooded with obscene comments since.